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Writing a Research Paper 3rd Edition by Anna Georgantonis Keah


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Writing a Research Paper: Quick and Easy Guide, 3rd Edition
by Anna Georgantonis Keah

Want to Make Teaching Research Easier?

Writing a Research Paper: Quick and Easy Guide, Third Edition (2012) is an excellent and affordable resource to use in teaching the research process. The author, a college English professor, writes sample research papers in the latest MLA and APA styles taking students through the entire process in ten simple steps, from choosing a topic to the final edit. The author's motivating style and interest in students encourages them to succeed.

With this concise guide, students will write well-organized and thought-provoking research papers, which are fun to grade and interesting to read! Do yourself, and your students, a favor and check out this valuable learning tool.

How Does the Research Booklet Benefit Teachers?

The booklet saves grading time because students have less stylistic errors.

The booklet offers an organized approach to presenting the research process to students. 

It is a good back-up to lectures; students have a solid reference point for review.  

The author emphasizes form, grammar and thorough editing fostering quality work from students.

Sample research topics are interesting, which makes for interesting grading. 

The author assists teachers in stimulating student interest in writing research papers.

MLA and APA format are well-developed. 

Works Cited and References pages are covered in great detail giving teachers a strong point of reference when grading.


 How Does the Research Booklet Benefit Students?

 The step-by-step process guides students to completion as the author goes through the process with them. 

Research topic ideas challenge students into choosing thought-provoking topics.

The mind map hones critical thinking skills in their chosen topics. 

The outline organizes them and makes them accountable for their subject matter and what they are exploring. 

The sample research papers give students a pattern to follow.  

The author's motivational approach encourages students along the way. 

The organized approach and final product increase the confidence level of students in their writing skills.


ISBN-Print: 978-1-62249-019-6

94 Pages

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